Capricorn: Clearing The Path

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Early springtime was action-packed, and potentially dramatic, for Capricorn. Beginning with the breakup of Uranus and Pluto on March 16th after their long-term affair, it became apparent that certain strongholds in life were inevitably going to change. Just a few weeks later, Pluto had second thoughts about the separation, and as a result has temporarily retreated since April 16th. Luckily, this month brings Mars and Venus along to help initiate the emotional work that needs to be completed by September.

June 3rd-5th the Moon is in your sign, Capricorn, so building emotional strength starts early in the month. What things would you like to manifest by the end of the year? Perhaps dreams of a job change, nicer home or marriage have been lingering- now is the time to get serious about what it takes to bring those dreams to fruition.

In your solar chart, the house of work is being activated by Mercury, Mars and a New Moon. What work should you be doing? This is broader than your current employment; this is about rightful placement of energies. Mercury is amidst its Retrograde cycle until June 11th, so you may be reevaluating where you have been placing efforts; in fact, you may even find it hard to get work done during this period because you are so consumed with contemplating if it is indeed the right thing to be doing and how best should it get done. Do not fight the lag in productivity; instead, welcome this as a time to become more strategic about what takes up most of your daily time.

The New Moon on June 16th helps clear your head and the pathway for rightful work to begin. New Moons always signal a fresh start, so what is it that you would like to begin anew? Mars, the doer planet, assists in moving things along.

It may be a good idea to enlist the help of others in building your dreams. At various points this month, both Venus and Mars pass through your relationship house suggesting that future success somehow hinges on decisions regarding or help from partners. Perhaps a friend, business associate or lover possesses a piece of knowledge, a connection or skill that can be useful in meeting your goals- reach out. June 17th-18th is an ideal time to address others.

An alternative perspective on partners relative to success may be that the partnership itself is the issue. Does a relationship need to end or, conversely, go to the next level so that you may continue along your path of bringing the envisioned to light? Maybe you really do need to move in together, get married or go into business jointly so that the relationship can play a more active role; or perhaps the romance or business association needs to dissolve so it is no longer in the way. If you are making serious partnership decisions, then July will be a better time to decide. Use time now to assess.

Capricorn is known as “the builder” of the zodiac because it is in perpetual pursuit of the next highest level. This month, hone in on what yet remains to be achieved.

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