Capricorn: A Beautiful Mind

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Capricorn was liberated as of September when Pluto, planet of power, unlocked the doors on your zodiac sign. Since 2012, Pluto has been hovering like a spotlight over your sign drawing incredible attention to Capricorn’s most intimate inner workings and provoking powerful life transformations (likely somewhat disruptive). Then in September, Pluto began to ease off your sign and create breathing room to assemble constructive next steps in life after so much change. This fall, Capricorn feels momentum in its personal expansion by gaining knowledge and experience that receives emerging notice from others.

In the first half of November, Capricorn continues the theme of growth as Venus and Mars meet world-savvy Jupiter in your house of personal expansion. As Jupiter holds its position from this August through next September, Capricorn may be inspired to pursue an advanced degree, get a certification, take a class or publish your knowledge through some media source over the next year. For some, personal expansion is more physical rather than mental, in which case Capricorn may opt to compete in a sport or travel. Zeroing in on this larger focus, Venus and Mars jump start the expansive activities November 1st-12th. How will you challenge your mind and body? The Moon follows up in your sign November 14th-16th, bringing everything you’ve learned to the height of its power. Capricorn may soon feel moved to educate others about your interest by teaching or exposing others to your idea through writing, film or speeches.

Capricorn begins receiving public recognition its subject-matter authority when Venus and Mars move into your career house mid-November through month’s end. While the major peak in achievement comes to fruition in Fall 2016, you already experience bits of notoriety for your passionate interests now. When Venus aspects powerful Pluto on November 20th, you may have a special opportunity to stand your ground on important matters where you are truly the expert.

Since Capricorn is the natural builder of the zodiac, current planetary configurations work quite constructively in your favor. Over the past three years there may have been a significant tearing down of old emotional or circumstantial structures in your life; now, Capricorn enters the rebuilding phase. You will find that your thoughts, ideas and communication skills will be the key to your next big accomplishment.

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