Capricorn: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Capricorn

January is full of surprises for Capricorn and Capricorn rising since two cosmic events occur in your zodiac sign at the start of the New Year. Mercury- planet of strategy, communication and information- goes Retrograde from January 5th-25th which suggests you need to rethink 2016 plans. Approaching the New Year you may have thought certain goals or relationships were concrete, however Mercury Retrograde reveals something you did not know about making those commitments or that perhaps the approach in executing those things requires tweaking. As Capricorn and Capricorn rising ruminates over Mercury’s small curveball, a New Moon appears on January 10th as a beacon to light a chosen direction. Carefully think through 2016 goals and commit yourself to a sustainable path- taking all variables into account- at the New Moon. By July, Capricorn will see the results of the updated plan.

While the beginning of the New Year may have been a little topsy-turvy, Venus sweeps into your sign from January 23rd-February 16th bringing love and luxury into focus. Venus’ passage may increase your sociability and attractiveness, so don’t be surprised by a busy calendar or attention from admirers. The presence of Venus often indicates the development of a romance. Financially, late January through the first half of March is a stable and even profitable time. Capricorn may invest a bit extra in a loved one or beauty treatment/luxury item for themselves.

March brings the first of several opportunities to become more educated in a certain field that may eventually allow you to teach/write about or be in charge of something in that arena. Building on efforts which began last year to grow your knowledge base, Capricorn continues learning but also now becomes interested in proliferating that expertise. Later in September you will take even further pronounced steps towards education or achieving a noted level of competence in a field. Media outlets such as the internet, publishing or film may play an advantageous role in helping your mission. If travel is required for you to accomplish any of this, definitely do it.

When spring arrives, so does Pluto Retrograde. From April 18th-September 27th, Capricorn and Capricorn rising will undergo the same type of deep personal revamping that you did last year when the transformation planet when backwards in the sky from April through September 2015. Do you remember what the experience was like? It is extremely likely you will have the same types of experiences or feelings again.

Whatever path you selected at January’s New Moon now reaches a progress point at the July 19th Full Moon. Are you happy with where things are going? Mars steps in to continue carrying you in the appointed direction from September 26th-November 8th…so be prepared to follow through on the goals and relationships you’ve committed to. So long as you are rightly aligned, Capricorn should be able to accomplish the most during the late summer and early fall months.

The year concludes as it began with a Mercury Retrograde cycle from December 19th 2016-January 8th, during which time small compromises must be made in your plan which are likely connected to unanticipated information or events out of your control. Just take it all in and continue pushing forward because by the December 29th New Moon you are ready for anything the Universe presents. January and December are truly Capricorn’s hallmark character moments of the year.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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