Cancer: Yin & Yang

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The Imaginarium - Visuvias

Cancer is busy with personal development work this month as two planets, Venus and Mars, pass through your sign in June. Venus transits represent “yin” or receptive energetic times when we are able magnetize supportive resources which enhance our personal image or security. Conversely, Mars transits signify “yang” or projective energetic times when we go out seeking to retrieve resources or conquer objectives which carry our life mission forward. This month, you will equally draw in as you seek out. This fascinating juxtaposition of energetic forces ultimately brings balance to your life by the conclusion of June.

For the first five days of the month, Venus concludes her journey in Cancer where she has been since May 8th. What emotional support do you need to feel safe and loved? Reconnect with relatives or friends who feel like family as a source of foundational strength. Home, family and comfort will remain your focus June 1st-5th so host a dinner party for loved ones, decorate your residence or put aside funds for future domestic endeavors. On a spiritual level, this is an excellent time to create a meditative space in your home to do your craft. What ‘craft’ do you do which in its own way reconnects you to Source? Purchase a desk for writing or drawing, a corner with a mat designated for yoga, an outdoor chair and table which makes tending your garden more pleasurable. Whatever is your go-to activity for rejuvenation should receive special attention at the beginning of the month. Later, you will revert to these activities to meet tender emotional needs when the rest of you returns from asserting in society.

Moon, the ruler of Cancer, will be in your sign on June 17th-18th making those days of personal power. For Cancer, it always important to follow Moon cycles as you are particularly sensitive to changes in the cosmic energy. This mid-month lunation in your sign should support the ongoing creative endeavors and close relationships which provide inner nurturance, whereby allowing you to feel bolder about taking what you need when Mars enters the picture.

The month finishes out with Mars, the action planet, entering Cancer from June 25th-30th. This is the time to get out and get things done. What financial goals have you been setting? Mars can assist you in moving forward with money matters linked to upgrading status. Perhaps you have thought of a way to earn some extra cash or ask for a promotion? Or, perhaps, there is an important expenditure you’ve set your sights on such as a home or safer vehicle? Don’t be afraid to ask the Universe for what you want, and if it takes too long then just go get it yourself!

In health matters, Mars transits are usually a surge of physical energy. If you have been wanting to ramp up your workout routine or are planning any activity which requires notable stamina, then plan for the end of June. For those, however, who have preexisting health challenges, Mars is known to raise blood pressure and could overexert your heartbeat in connection to the Sun. Remember to take a breather.

Overall, Cancer will experience a wonderful month of Venusian pleasure and Martian accomplishment. This truly is the time to be focused on yourself, not for ego purposes but for the reward of doing rightful self-work. Development is always a process and never a finished product. Eternally reinvent.

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