Cancer: Stable Roots To Weather Change

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Partnerships and career are the two turning tables for Cancer as your sign gets serious about taking work to the next level. Professional pairings, as well as romance, moved ahead in September and by December career ambitions will sail with full force. This month focuses on firmly grounding Cancer, both physically and emotionally, so that you can embrace the changes ahead knowing there’s a sense of security underpinning each new move.

Think back to April and September timeframes, what powerful relationships experienced a start-stop pattern? In business, this may have meant a shifting level of confidence with your work team or clients; on a bigger scale, this can also suggest changing your relationship with the public. In romance, a marriage or committed relationship may have stalled out in the spring only to reach a point of culmination in the fall. Pluto- planet of power- was responsible in all partnership cases. The shifting scales in relations with others is directly connected to Cancer’s ability to succeed. Pluto has been asking: How are my relationships helping or hindering my achievement goals? What needs to transform within those relationships so that my accomplishments are emboldened? Remember that sometimes transformation means necessary beginnings or endings.

November 1st centers Cancer around personal mission as the Moon, Cancer’s natural planetary ruler, graces your sign. The Moon then helps determine how others will contribute to that personal mission from November 14-16th as it lights up your partnership house. In the meantime, both Venus and Mars enter your house of roots to stabilize Cancer’s outlook.

Venus, the loving planet, enters your house of roots from November 8th through month’s end. From a literal sense, home and family can provide needed stability for Cancer. You may consider entertaining loved ones at your abode, or reach out to family members for advice regarding relationship or business matters. November 20th-23rd are particularly opportune for Cancer to interact with its clan. November 12th through month’s end, Mars- the warrior planet, joins Venus in its journey to mark your turf. From a metaphoric perspective, activity in the house of roots can suggest you feeling more rooted to your inner self. This is a grounding exercise. Are you in touch with your true needs and desires? November answers will determine how successfully December outcomes will be. If Cancer is truly aligned, then professional shifts ahead are a response to authentic calling.

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