Cancer: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Cancer

Cancer approaches love with a tribal mentality, seeking someone who feels like ‘one of my kind’. Fiercely protective yet extremely nurturing, the cosmic crab may seem to have an impenetrable shell at first, but is soft at heart. Pluto, the transformation planet, continues its long-term transit through the relationship house suggesting the seas of change still rock for Cancer. This somewhat unsettles a sign who craves security. In fact, change in Cancer’s natural domain- the home and family, ‘the tribe’- may have emerged since last summer and continues into this summer. Cancer desires romances that turn into blood-like bonds, so to win at love a partner must win over the family, provide a domestic kingdom and wade into deep emotional waters.

Cancer is comfortably focused on home and family from September 2016-October 2017 as Jupiter, planet of growth, enhances your domestic house. Cancer might be buying/selling real estate, moving, renovating or redecorating a home, become responsible for a family member of experience the coming/departure of a household member. The notion of growing your tribe may include adding a child, grandchild or fur-baby to your circle as soon as October or sometime into next year.

January may be challenging for romance as a Mercury Retrograde cycle runs through the relationship house potentially bringing misunderstandings or sudden breaks with a lover. For the single Cancerian, it may feel like the prospect of love was at a total standstill. April-September slowly works on the romantic scenarios which reached a hitch in January.

Love becomes a focal point for Cancer when Venus graces your sign August 1st-25th. Cancer tends to be protective in nature, so if suitors don’t appear to be knocking down your door, remember that you must first open your shell to let love know you are available and receptive. This is especially true for Cancer rising.

If your Venus sign is Cancer, then you love comforting others and receiving the same in return. Nurturance may come in the form of food, hugs, an emotional respite or cozy place to stay. Powerfully emotional encounters may characterize your heart’s experience. Careful this doesn’t lead into outright power struggles with another person. Cancer Venus wants to know the depth of feeling another possesses, but not at the expense of one’s reason. Understanding the term ‘emotional security’ is essential for Cancer and its lovers.

Everyone who possesses Cancer energy experiences breaks in one area during 2016, softened by growth in other areas. The June 23rd New Moon launches a personal cycle that moves the romantic and home life forward at a faster pace from summer through year’s end. Ultimately, Cancer is best paired with a mate who values your sensitivity and believes family comes first.

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