Cancer: Lead With The Heart

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Kelley Devine- Cancer

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Lead with the heart this month, Cancer, as cosmic activity raises intuitive levels to high peaks. Cancer is the feeling sign of the zodiac, so listening to one’s inner voice provides great power. In July, four planets illuminate your sign whereby illuminating the power of instinct.

The month begins with a July 1st Full Moon in your partner sign. Ideas about ambitious plans to enhance your life position may receive an encouraging boost, along with indications about romantic prospects. Step by step, Cancer is positioning to take on a more sophisticated adult role as a result of slowly letting go of immature definitions of success and love. While greater momentum in this self-enhancement won’t pick up until September, Cancer continues feeling its way towards the ultimate vision now.

You may feel powerfully driven to start rearranging life variables in pursuit of this sophisticated self-vision around July 6th when the Sun in your sign makes an equilibrium aspect with Pluto. In mythology, Pluto is god of the underworld and as such Pluto guides the astrological journey into the hidden realms of our psyches. Pluto may dig up false preconceptions, unsuitable roles or outdated beliefs and provoke questioning as to why you’ve held on to them for so long. Thought conventions we simply accept from our families or society could potentially be holding us back if they are not, in fact, ways of thinking we have chosen independently for ourselves or are not truly in line with our personal nature. Pluto is asking you to expose the hidden toxins in life which may be inhibiting soulful growth. This detective work is not for the intent of simply making you uncomfortable, but geared rather at giving you a powerful reminder to trust your own nature. Careful, however, not to get into unnecessary conflicts with others as you are really just working through your own complexes. In its best use, July 6th energy should be a very revealing time which adds more impetus to your sense of transforming how your life will move forward. Good change is ahead.

Mars, the doer planet, is in your sign the entire month of July. The universe has sent a helper to assist in making changes and meeting goals. This should be a very active month in getting things done of personal value; however, since the focus is on meeting your needs (and perhaps rightly so!) this may appear as slightly self-centered to partners. But in reality, you are just centering the self. Make this subtle difference clear to loved ones and watch them support your work instead of feel neglected.

July 15th might be the most exciting time as there is a New Moon in your sign, Cancer. Simultaneously, Mars and Mercury link up in your sign and mutually make an equilibrium aspect with Pluto. New Moons always signal the ability to send fresh intentions into the universe and watch them manifest. What hopes do you have? Cast those ideas out into the world and check their progression on Christmas Day (12/5/15)!

Uranus, the innovator planet, begins its Retrograde cycle on July 26th and runs through December. This is yet another indicator that you are on the verge of change, but not yet ready to make the leap. The building period continues. Uranus is the planet that gives us the creative itch, the yearning to break free and do something differently. Newness and risk look exciting. When Uranus goes Retrograde it means we are toeing the line of innovation. The beginning of the Retrograde cycle may hone in on things that were happening earlier in the month around July 12th. You will continue to brainstorm your breakout plan through Christmas Day.

For those with Cancer rising, the breakout plan is centered predominately around career objectives and the need for deep transformation in personal beliefs is centered around relationships. It is in these two areas that Cancer will experience the greatest change this year. In July, career plans get temporarily put on hold, but relationship perspectives get a boost. You experience a July 1st Full Moon and July 15th New Moon across the relationship axis, and energizer Mars and strategic Mercury step in to help do some individual work on your end to make relating with others more feasible. Finances may also see a shift July 25th-31st when Venus goes Retrograde coupled by a Full Moon. In July, remember to stand your ground amidst compromising with others; stray true to your vision and ultimately you will attract the appropriate people and things even if those currently present are not the appropriate fit.

Everyone with Cancerian energy is buzzing in July as a result of nearly all the planetary movement being directed at your sign. While this might be thrilling on one hand, it might also be easily overwhelming for intuitive Cancer. It is absolutely imperative this month for Cancer to retreat, take breaks and detox when hose inner alarm bells start ringing. You are more able than most signs to pick up on other people’s emotions and environmental cues, not to mention your own emotional bearings. July could inundate the senses if you are not careful. Breathe deep, tune in, and move with the tides that feel right for you.

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