Cancer horoscope- April 2015: Emotional Exercises

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In astrology, the sign of Cancer is governed by the planet Moon. Therefore, Cancerians should always pay special attention to daily cycles of the Moon as their moods are affected by lunar shifts more than any other sign of the zodiac. On April 4th, a Lunar Eclipse initiates new beginnings for Cancer and her cardinal comrades (Aries, Libra and Capricorn). This is a welcome turning point after the series of events which transpired late last month. In order to get perspective on what the coming April 4th Lunar Eclipse will mean, we must first look backwards in time to see where we came from…

On March 16th Cancer experienced a pivotal juncture in the security anxiety you’ve been swimming in since approximately 2012. Over the past few years, two planets- Pluto and Uranus- have been disrupting the tides of comfort in areas of your life where you judge relative accomplishment on the basis of how secure you feel.

  • Have I ‘made it’ in my career?
  • Does my financial position reflect my having ‘made it’?
  • Have I successfully attended to and provided for my family?
  • Do I feel safe and taken care of in my marriage or relationship?
  • Am I doing enough?

Because of Cancer’s natural connection to the emotional tides of the Moon, your sign was particularly affected by the long Pluto-Uranus affair. Worry, stress or depression which may have been running high began to dissipate around March 16th with the disengagement of Pluto and Uranus.

A few days later on March 20th, you experienced another important lunar event- a Solar Eclipse. In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon meets up with the Sun, and both your unconscious and conscious self are aligned for a moment in time. As private emotions became validated by outer awareness, Cancer was able to face new beginnings feeling affirmed and therefore more ready to take action on moving ahead.

Fast forward to April 4th where Cancer experiences another lunar event- a Lunar Eclipse- adding velocity and resolve to the decisions made back at the Solar Eclipse. This likely reflects a turning point in your emotional connections in interpersonal relationships. For those with Cancer rising, this eclipse more specifically insinuates a turning point in your home life and familial relations. With the eclipse, the Moon also makes aspects to Pluto and Uranus, meaning that this should be a particularly significant and distinct event.

Later in the month on April 17th Pluto, planet of power, begins her Retrograde or reverse trek through the sky in your partner sign of Capricorn. Almost exactly one month after the heavy weight was lifting from your psyche, there is a momentary revisiting of those old security anxieties. However, now empowered by the insights from the series of eclipses, you are able to face old fears with new perspectives. This event should not propel you back into old ways of thinking, but rather serve as a challenge-and-overcome experience where you can truly prove growth past former complexes. The very next day on April 18th is the New Moon in Aries, a fellow cardinal sign. This adds to your ability to plow forward on new initiatives where previously you would have felt unsure.

April provides a series of events for Cancer’s emotional growth. Plan for a cycle of turning points that ultimately position your sign for a new life milestone that has been building up since 2012. The 23rd-24th are power days, so use those times at the end of the month as impetus to take action on things you learned important lessons about at the end of March through the beginning of this month. Enjoy the security in knowing you are stronger than before.


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