Cancer: Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable

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Cancer’s world is about to change significantly when Pluto, the transformer planet, moves ahead on September 25th. Since 2012, Cancer has been affected by the double-duty dance of two planets- Pluto and Uranus- which, together, have been provoking a series of symbolic (or perhaps literal) deaths and rebirths. Over the past three years, Cancer has been working to shed outdated beliefs, relationships and circumstances so that the independent adult self can shine through. For many, this has been a productive but uncomfortable process. Things capitulated around March 16th, only to go on hold again a month later on April 16th. As of September 25th Pluto, one of the two planets in question, will release from its portion of the transformation cycle and life will finally seem to start aligning.

Relationships and career are the long-term areas of focus for Cancer. Particularly as it pertains to work, you now enter a time for taking on risks and responsibilities which will powerfully shift the nature of what you do or the environment in which you do it. Saturn, the cosmic judge, enters your house of service on September 18th where she will alter the practice of your daily craft through the end of 2017. This trend is complementary to the September 27th Lunar Eclipse in your career house- a turning point in your overall professional trajectory. Although you won’t plow full steam ahead with those landmark career plans until after Christmas, the September 27th Lunar Eclipse serves as an initial spark.

If part of what has been holding back professional choices is money, then you’ll have a better sense of the financial picture you’re really working with when Venus ends its Retrograde cycle on September 6th. Similarly, relationship values may also find clarity when Venus moves ahead. If scenarios of money and relationships are linked, expect a first step with Venus around September 6th and further notice by the September 27th Lunar Eclipse.

Mercury goes Retrograde from September 17th-October 10th, so current contracts and relationships may come under review. Should either of those spaces require updating, you will want to pursue the reassessment at this time. Anything that is holding you back professionally or in love ought to be expunged. Overall, Cancer is reaching the breakthrough moment of what has been building since 2012 by the September movement of Pluto and what will be the holiday season shift with Uranus – don’t stop the momentum now!

Cancer is the consummate nester of the zodiac, so if Mercury Retrograde affects your home or family it may be a touchy time for you. Rather than clinging to the security of familiarity (something Cancer often does), open yourself to accepting these changes as necessary for the overall reinvention you are amidst. Replace the old familiar with something new and more fitting; you’ll find in no time that it becomes wonderfully familiar too.

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