Cancer: Celebrate With Loved Ones

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May 2015 Cancer horoscope

Plans to entertain? Cancer will be organizing dinner parties, family events and housewarmings this month as Venus, the harbinger of gifts, creates bonds and brings tactile comforts to your sign throughout May.

Venus represents value in our lives. Internally, Venus signifies our own personal value (self-esteem or self-love) and the way we value others (emotional or romantic love). On an external level, the planet is associated with money because that is the tangible way we value material items in the real world. This is why Venus is popularly called “the planet of love and money”.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Venus in the sign of Cancer is all about being cozy. Cancer feels most ‘at home’ at home, so invite loved ones over for a hearty meal or casual celebration in your abode. With children or lovers, this would be a great time to engage in home improvement or decorating projects so you two can co-create a space for mutual enjoyment. Cooking together or watching movies on the couch might also be a pleasurable outlet. Cancer is particularly fond of familial bonds, so you’ll want to spend time with common blood or at least those who feel like family.

In financial matters, if you have been wanting to make any domestic or personal beautification purchases this is a good month for doing so. The only caution is overindulgence. When Venus moves through your sign it creates a celebratory atmosphere…which can quickly become expensive. Agree to thoughtfully planned investments and well-deserved treats; save the rest for future needs.

Plan special events or purchases for May 20th-21st when both the Moon and Venus are together in your sign. With the two most agreeable planets united in your favor, everything should go as hoped.

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