Cancer: Breathing Room

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Kelley Devine- Cancer

Cancer enters August emerging from an action-packed prior month where almost all planetary activity influenced your sign. Quite literally, the entire Universe rested on Cancer’s shoulders. For some, this felt exhilarating; but for most, July was extremely stressful. August, luckily, lets up on the heat.

Mars was in your sign, Cancer, all of last month and remains there August 1st-8th. Mars is the energizer planet; it represents ‘yang’ or projective energy which asserts, conquers and- at times- fights for what is desired. Mars provides us with the libido or will to get things done. When a Mars transit occurs, we may feel supremely catalyzed into accomplishing tasks, taking risks or initiating experiences (especially sexual ones) with others. Conversely, Mars transits could also make us feel frustrated, angry, irritable or susceptible to conflict. Mars is the warrior archetype- it can be a champion or a combatant. How has the Mars transit affected you?

Your wings may have felt clipped when Uranus began its Retrograde cycle on July 26th, temporarily stalling innovative plans or an attempt for more freedom. Things which gained ground since March earlier this year suddenly seemed to drop back. Coupled with the Mars activity, tensions escalated. As this planetary pattern continues into the first few days of August, it is better to focus on reworking breakout plans so they are more effective come Christmas when Uranus moves along its normal forward path again. Use Mars as a catalyst for small victories in August, rather than allowing Mars to breed angst. Remember that energy exists on a continuum- when planetary transits occur, you are always in control of which side of the energetic spectrum is empowered.

Moon, the planetary ruler of your sign, is in Cancer on August 10th-11th. Since the Moon governs all of Cancer’s cosmic rhythms, it is always important to observe lunar activity. When the Moon passes through your sign, psychic awareness of the collective Universe teams in your favor. Sensitivity, keen awareness and intuitive knowing swim to the surface. Because the Moon represents our heart, this would be a wonderful time to open your heart or home to loved ones; an outpouring of emotion seems appropriate. Last month, a lunar series profoundly affected Cancer with the July 1st Full Moon in your counterbalance sign of Capricorn and a July 14th New Moon in your own sign. What circumstances arose during those two time periods? As the Moon gently passes again through your cosmic turf this month August 10th-11th, the opportunity to build upon or resolve July scenarios is presented.

If you need added support in thinking through July scenarios, Mercury- the intellectual planet- positions in your fellow cardinal sign of Libra on August 28th through month’s end. Cancer energy is all about nurturance and Libra energy is all about harmony, so together they seek the most comfortable outcomes. As Mercury works with you through the sign of Libra, options should emerge which offer a healthy balance for you and others, or a healthy balance between two priorities. Talking to family members could give surprising insights into the situation- ask a relative.

Cancer is preparing for a Lunar Eclipse in September which will be an important indicator of what direction plans will be headed by holiday season. This is going to be a milestone event connected to the changes that began in March. Use August to get emotionally centered, calm and in-tune with your greatest desires for the future. There are exciting changes ahead in September and December!

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