Cancer: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Cancer

First quarter 2016 continues Cancer’s efforts in education/training, commercial negotiations, and media involvements such as speaking or writing that started last year. In the bigger picture, Cancer is refining its area of service: how you wish to serve the world through your craft, and under what circumstances that is done best. If there was ever going to be a re-shuffling of employees or co-workers, it will likely occur in 2016. You wish to firm up the environment in which you serve. On a personal level, Cancer will focus heavily on home and family- it’s natural element- by the Fall 2016. In fact, some Cancerians may be moving or growing its clan members in the New Year.

January and December are both earmarked by tell-tale signs of renegotiations with collaborators. Romantic or business partners jostle with Cancer about priorities and expected roles within the relationship. However, substantial transformation in the pairing would likely occur April 18th-September 27th when powerful Pluto turns Retrograde in the relationship house. This does not have to be a negative experience; in fact, effective change within all relationships is both healthy and necessary to keep them moving forward.

Cancer and Cancer rising excel in commercial business and legal transactions, as well as any work related to media, training or travel from January through September. This adds a layer to efforts in this area which started receiving notice back in September 2015. March signals a “green light” to push even further in commercial, education or media areas; September will culminate the results.

July is Cancer’s busiest cosmic month as a New Moon sets the stage for your path all the way through next year. Venus, the cosmic attractor who often heralds money and love or acclaim, will also be in your zodiac sign during July. After all the progress made in the first half of the year, Cancer will pause to perfect and complete its goals from July 30th-December 29th as Uranus goes Retrograde in the achievement house. Take seriously the power of manifestation as you set intentions at the July 4th New Moon. Use the remainder of 2016 to improve, promote and cash in on career advancing ideas that you’ve already set in motion.

The work environment will undergo a necessary vetting process March 23th-August 13th when Saturn re-evaluates its commitments with a Retrograde cycle in the service house. For some, this may be when you seriously start looking around for other jobs. For those happily positioned, you may work to establish a better schedule, team, perfect the product/service or even update the office space. If you are the boss, this is when you evaluate who on your team really makes the cut. This is a test to see who is worth investing in for the long-term. It is a good time do any necessary hirings or firings, and employees who remain in the end will likely stand the test of time. During your evaluation process, be sure to give your loyalty to team members who may have already withstood the test of time with you thus far.

Cancer and Cancer rising returns to its natural place of focus- home and family- from September through year’s end as Jupiter elevates the domestic house. During the next thirteen months, Cancer might move, buy/sell real estate, or see its family clan grow through acquisition (marriage) or development (children). Fall would be an appropriate time to work from home more often, entertain at your abode, or embark on designing your nest.

Overall, Cancer experiences a smooth year which allows you to become the mouthpiece or subject-matter expert on a topic you love. The rest of us have lots to learn from you.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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