Aries: Tipping Point

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Kelley Devine- Aries

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

This month, Aries gets a reality check into its big dreams as planetary movement in security-oriented signs draw the zodiac’s most clever instigator back to earth. Since March, you have been gaining momentum towards revolutionizing your life, and while it takes the ability to dream big in order to achieve great things, there are still a few outstanding practical matters which must be solidified in order to successfully uphold even the best ideas. Loose ends ultimately cause delays- Aries’ greatest foe. Counterintuitive as it may be, sometimes we must slow down in order to go faster.

The July 1st Full Moon in high-achieving Capricorn brings into focus strategic and financial matters surrounding your plan to make radical change. How exactly will you measure success? Furthermore, how will you fund it, sustain it, and respond to unexpected occurrences? Capricorn is the builder archetype in astrology, and its energy reminds us of the endurance required for a steady climb to the top of our perceived mountain. Whether leaving a steady job to strike out as an entrepreneur or accept a risky position in a completely different field, or perhaps leaving so-called civilized society for a spiritual journey in some remote land, all paths revolve around the same business principles: means of getting there, means of producing, and means of defining at what point you have gotten from the experience what was desired. The July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn asks: How realistic is your plan?

Whatever remaining details come to light during the Full Moon receive assistance on July 7th-8th when the Moon is in your sign, Aries. The emotional frequency of the Universe takes on your go-getter attitude during that time, naturally encouraging you to take charge of what needs to be done to continue making headway towards ambitions. The Sun moves into favorable position with your sign on July 12th, so you begin to receive some spotlight for efforts.

The July 15th New Moon in sensitive Cancer reminds us that not all decisions are purely rational. You spend the first half of the month reasoning about the material details required to execute your personal revolution, but the second half of this month will provoke more instinctual responses. Cancer is the feeling sign in astrology, focusing us on our bonds and subconscious fears and motivators. Suddenly, the realization of shifting connections with family, friends, colleagues and lovers may prompt unresolved sentimentality. The New Moon in Cancer asks: If I make this change, who might I potentially lose in the process and who might still accept me?

On that same day, Mars and Mercury conjoin together in opposition to Pluto. Expect powerful emotional responses on July 15th.

Uranus, the innovator planet, goes Retrograde or temporarily backwards as of July 26th. Uranus has been hanging around in your sign for several years, incrementally breeding a creative itch. The desire for change, freedom and perhaps even doing something rebellious has progressed nearly to point of capitulation…and now will momentarily linger before finally forging ahead in December. This is your last chance to re-consider before the launch. Consider wisely.

For those with Aries rising, what idea are you cooking up to radically change your life? The need to break free continues to emanate every waking moment. Creative juices and entrepreneurial inclinations reach a highpoint of inspiration on July 1st when Venus joins Jupiter in the house of creative personal expression. This golden union is amplified by a Full Moon in the career house, suggesting that the Universe is giving you a delicious taste of all the excitement yet to come and so you begin to feel “this idea could be real!” However, you’re not ready for takeoff just yet. The July 15th New Moon in your house of roots reminds you that domestic circumstances and solid foundations in the private life must be arranged first in order to successfully uphold external plans. Mercury, the thinker, and Mars, the doer, enter the scene to tie up loose ends in the living situation, familial relations, and accounting so you don’t forge ahead without basic practicalities in-tact. Plans for an identity overhaul temporarily get put on hold when Uranus moves Retrograde on July 26th; this is the final review before the big, irreversible change. Uranus Retrograde runs from the end of this month through Christmas; rather than feeling excitement fizzle, use this waiting period to review motivations for making such a noticeable life shift, double check that you’ve lined up the best options and means for getting there, and make sure you are fully committed to the plan. The breakout will be in early 2016.

For everyone with Aries energy, July is about deeply committing to the plan for innovating your life. Assess motivations and fears involved in the overall vision, take stock of financial and material practicalities required to execute, and acknowledge important bonds that might necessarily change as a result of or participate in your transformation. There will be no going back after December.

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