Aries: Thrill of the Unknown

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May 2015 Aries horoscope

Pleasant surprises fill Aries’ calendar as Venus, the magnetizer planet, draws in emotional resources for astrology’s famous instigator.

Aries is the child of the zodiac, the unadulterated mind which sees every pioneering effort as possible. As such, Aries needs time to play, experiment and be creative- to see things through ‘first time’ eyes. It is from this innate wonder and not-yet experienced sense of boundaries that Aries gets its reputation for being the ultimate initiator, the forger of new pathways. For this spark of life to occur, proper tools must be accessible and this month, Venus- the harbinger of gifts- magnetizes the necessary accoutrements for creation to begin.

Throughout May, Venus travels in the water sign of Cancer which awakens your emotional tides. You are able to dream, to feel your way into the right direction. Whenever water signs are involved, things are never clear- it’s about instinct. As Aries recovers from the early springtime rupture between Pluto and Uranus on March 16th, the pressure of previous situations dissipates but in its wake begs the question: What am I supposed to be doing now? Take the Venus in Cancer experience as an opportunity to indulge in activities which stimulate creative urges, and follow whatever people or interests arise in connection to that. Slowly, the answers about your new direction begin taking shape and will reach finality by late September.

May 25th should be a particularly enlightening day when Venus meets up with Uranus- planet of surprise. In romantic matters, unexpected shows of affection between you and a lover may make for a pleasant surprise. On tangible levels, an unplanned shift in funds or lucky chance to indulge in a nice meal or beautiful comforts may create the mood for enjoyment. In a philosophical sense, this suggests a sudden stroke of creative genius…definitely act on that idea!

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