Aries: Liberty Station

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Kelley Devine- Aries

Last month, Aries’ freedom streak received a check-mate when Uranus transitioned Retrograde on July 26th in your sign. Now through Christmas, plans to break out into new and exciting arenas are temporarily on hold. Rather than feeling thwarted, recognize the Universe is giving you time to let go of certain commitments or constraints in order to be more free come holiday season. What innovative venture or push for liberty have you been conjuring? Think back to springtime events which surfaced around March 16th; by December, you will continue fulfilling that path.

Aries is the cosmic initiator; as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves to be the first in everything. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, taking action and achieving goals is the blood of momentum in the sport of life. Surely it must have been an Aries who created the mantra for athletic brand Nike: “Just Do It!” Because Aries lives in a perpetual state of what’s next, it may be tough times when the Universe calls for you to pull back on the reins. Stopping to breathe and think is counter-intuitive for your nature which enjoys, and often excels at, plowing ahead. Although it’s good for you, these next few months may feel like a waiting game- so just plan on playing it well…and Aries always plays well in games, even if the competition is only with yourself.

Momentum to move ahead loses steam on August 1st-8th as Mars, ruler of your sign, concludes the tension angle it has been making since late June. Mars is the energizer planet, so when we receive transits from Mars it can make us feel powerfully catalyzed to go conquer objectives or it can lead to being overworked; tension, anxiety and stress are equally common results of Mars transits as achievement. Together with Uranus Retrograde, you are being invited to slow down and observe the present circumstances you’ve created. Is this where you want to be, is this how you want to be living and with whom? Are you doing what you love? And, even more importantly, are you sure the near-future envisioned changes are what is actually needed?

Greater balance in thinking is called for when Mercury enters your counterbalance sign of Libra on August 27th. In the zodiac, Libra sits 180 degrees perfectly across from Aries creating an equilibrium. Libra is an intellectual air sign, and the partnership sign of the zodiac. True partnership is based on equality, so harmony and balance are the essential focus of Libran energy. At the end of August, Mercury enters this balancing act and helps you to find a healthy medium for plans ahead. Now is the chance the think things through and make reasonable adjustments; talking to others would be a great way to receive feedback on your course of action.

Just around the corner next month is a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, Aries. Eclipses are always turning points, so anticipate change ahead. While the changes initiated by Solar Eclipses are often represented as external events, Lunar Eclipses signal an internal shift of emotion or perspective. The contemplative ‘homework’ you have been doing in August will receive recognition in September with the eclipse; you will know then how to proceed through December.

Collectively, Aries enters a phase of reflection rather than action. Big plans are still on the horizon by the end of this year, but first you may need to rework details of the strategy. Understanding true motivations for the plan is perhaps the most imperative piece of the puzzle you are going to review; all great strategies fall apart if the heart of the matter is not properly centered to begin with. As you crave to do something more innovative and have increased freedom, make peace with the fact that some existing relationships and resources may necessarily come undone. This will be a positive transition, however, as you grow into a fulfilling next phase in life. Personal liberation is the next station ahead.

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