Aries: Lessons From Nike

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Aries is one month away from its breakout moment, and spends November teaming up with collaborators in preparation for the big launch. Who can help you achieve goals?

Uranus- the innovator planet- has been hovering over your sign since July just waiting to make a move. Uranus feels like a creative itch which stirs us to break out of the norm, take a risk, be daring and do something entirely unexpected. For this reason, Uranus has acquired the namesake reputation as “the rebel planet.” When Uranus strikes, people often feel compelled to leave a traditional job in favor of entrepreneurial endeavors, suddenly get married or divorced, trade in their corporate garb for a radically different look, or in some way turn heads. What plan have you been cooking up? What lifestyle choice would make you feel more liberated?

This month, Aries learns to rely on others- or perhaps more aptly termed, ‘co-conspirators’- as a means to get your plan off the ground. During the first half of November, Venus and Mars continue their journey through your house of service suggesting that coworkers or others within your working environment may be able to help. If there is a colleague you trust, November 7th would be an ideal time to share with them information or insight about your breakout plan. After November 9th, lovers may step in to offer a helping hand. Pay attention to subtle ways a romantic interest may show their serious intentions by offering a strategic connection, financial support, or their own efforts in contribution to your goals. If someone if really committed to you, then they will be committed to helping you make big changes. Relationships and change come into full focus November 23rd when feisty Uranus comes into aspect with loving Venus.

As the warrior archetype of the zodiac, Aries always needs to pursue its next big conquest. If you have felt uninspired by present circumstances, seek radical change now. Stability in the form of status quo or repetition is death to Aries’ spirit. Or, if present circumstances are good but something else looks much better, then move forward in the spirit of adventure. In either scenario, thoughtfully assess the reasoning behind the next big conquest you’ve put on the bucket list to ensure you’re taking it on with healthy logic. The Moon is in your sign Aries from November 21st-22nd, so allow emotion and willpower to energize your sense of conviction about where you are headed and who might fill the shotgun seat alongside you.

Aries is the cosmic “Nike swoosh”- your only regret would be to not Just Do It.

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