Aries Horoscope April 2015: Pioneering Spirit

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Back in March, the Aries springtime experience was shaped by two significant events: the March 16th finale of a tenuous, three-year long affair between Pluto and Uranus, and the March 20th Solar Eclipse on the cusp of your sign. Last month ended with a major release of tension, anxiety and worry that had been accumulating since 2012, and this month you ride the wave of a thrilling sense of refreshment which energizes Aries’ motivation to do what it is most famous for- conquering something new!

April celebrates your sign with a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership house on the 4th and a New Moon in your house of personal expression on the 18th. This month is all about fresh beginnings and connecting with like minds. Focus your April attitudes on empowering yourself to tackle ambitions which have been simmering on since around 2012; you are now fully capable of becoming the envisioned YOU. As you begin to wear your inner authenticity more outwardly, your community of kindred thinkers will suddenly begin to appear around you. Boldly be you, and you will find that this magnetizes support.

April 3rd-4th focus on lessons about relating; this is a turning point in the relationship between you and something/someone else where a more balanced perspective can be introduced. The newfound wholeness adds speed to your personal vessel as you set out on new endeavors. During this period hold in your mind the notion of weights & measures, of counterbalance, as you examine the spaces of your life:

  • Do you have a healthy work and family life balance?
  • Have your expectations in your romance been fairly distributed?
  • Is your relationship with money properly aligned with goals?
  • Is there sufficient time for learning and growth amidst meeting the needs of a busy schedule?
  • Are you as attentive to mental/spiritual needs as you are physical fitness?
  • Can you have a healthier, more meaningful relationship with yourself?

Discovering proper counterbalance will help Aries’ initiative to be more fully represented this year.

Anticipate some element of surprise on the 6th and 8th as two planets meet up with Uranus. This may occur as a subtle ‘aha’ moment of self-realization, or a literal unexpected event. The cosmic activity is a pleasant nudge in the forward direction. April 16th, 17th and especially the 18th are days of personal power for Aries with the Moon in your sign.

For those with Aries rising, personal magnetism is at a high for the year. Mercury, the messenger planet, and a New Moon grace the face of your horoscope this month making you seem bold, exciting, and intriguing to get to know. Expect the social calendar to be buzzing between the 1st -14th; around the 4th you may reach a turning point within relationships where you decide to take it to the next level with either a romantic interest or business partner, and around the 8th you may receive an unexpected invitation or sudden introduction- go with it! Later on the 18th, the New Moon casts a final spotlight on your personality with enough charisma to carry you successfully through the end of April. This could prove to be a wonderful financial month for Aries rising as three planets activate your values house, with the 22nd being particularly opportune.

Aries wins the horoscope spotlight this month, as so much of the cosmic activity revolves around your sign. Capitalize on the cosmic enthusiasm by really getting grips on what you intend to accomplish this year, and your biggest insights on that may come from a careful examination of your latent hopes and dreams over the past two to three years. You’ve been wanting to do something, and that something can now become real. Aries is in essence the pioneering spirit- go forth and conquer.


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