Aries: Holding Up The Horoscope

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June’s energetic menu is clearly defined by two bookends of cosmic activity, once in the first five days of the month and again in the last five days of the month. Aries begins its journey June 1st-5th with affable Venus completing the passage through your fellow cardinal sign of Cancer, and the journey crests June 25th-30th with proactive Mars also entering Cancer. Collectively, this makes for lots of progress around your domestic situation as the planetary transits occur in your solar chart’s house of roots.

In your solar chart, the house of roots is placed at the very base of the horoscope. It is therefore the most private realm in your life, but in essence also holds up the rest of the chart. It is the foundational point. On one level, the house of roots quite literally represents our family and tangible domesticity. This makes sense because what we learned from our family is the psychological foundation for how we choose to go out into the world and fulfill our horoscope; our actual residence is also the cornerstone of our daily lives- no matter what craziness occurs in the world at least we can always retreat home. But taken from a metaphysical perspective, the house of roots is also about feeling at-home with yourself. This is your private emotional self; what you do when no one is watching, things that bring you instinctual security and comfort, and the select few people you might possibly include in that intimate space because they are close enough to feel like family or your psychological tribe.

Venus and Mars surf through your private territory at bookend periods this month, inviting you to clean out psychic space in order to welcome more nurturing thoughts and behaviors to stabilize you. This may also find a tangible expression through doing work around the house, putting money into upgrades, or renewing family relationships. June 3rd, 4th and 5th may be especially ideal dates for such activities.

A Full Moon and New Moon series across your knowledge axis, accompanied by Mercury Retrograde wrapping up its journey along that space, calls into question the mindset you’ve been having. Through June 11th, daily thoughts and communication patterns are under the microscope. While this could mean that actual communication avenues- such as phones, computers, social media or transportation- incur a challenge, this could also be considered at a deeper level. As it relates to the complimentary activity in your house of roots, this begs the question “Is my self-talk loving? Are my regular habits protecting and nurturing my deepest needs?”

In your solar chart, Mercury Retrograde, Mars and the New Moon also light up your house of siblings. On a very practical level this may mean that relationships with brothers and sisters get reviewed. “Are my sibling relationships assisting or detracting from keeping the family together?”

The June 2nd Full Moon reveals where either your communication, mental processes or sibling relationships stand. This event also provides the opportunity garner insight from others as a means of assimilating your perspective. Perhaps a teacher or spiritual leader can lend some wise words? If you are internationally inclined, ask a foreign friend how they do it in their culture and the reasoning behind that. Collect other broader views to ensure your own takes into account a variety of factors. When Mercury Retrograde ends on June 11th, you feel ready to move ahead and reach full momentum by the June 16th New Moon. Psychological space is clearing, which opens the door for creativity and romance moving into July…

Throughout the month, allow Venus to remind you of who/what makes you feel loved and wanted, and then allow Mars to do the work for seeing those elements into fruition. Remember that the first five days and very last five days of the month are the stage-setting periods. In between those bookends, the June 2nd and June 16th moon series assists your journey. June 10th-11th are personal power days as the Moon is in your sign, Aries, and Mercury Retrograde also finishes. You have several points of cosmic activity this month which help you build towards the big shift you will experience in September when a rare type of Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign. Put your sensors out there now.

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