Aries: Harbinger Of Change

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Take a stand, Aries, as the September 27th Lunar Eclipse in your sign heralds a call for action. Eclipses always signal turning points, and occurring in your own Sun sign means that every ounce of consciousness awakens to do something compelling. What is that compelling ‘something’ for you?

The Lunar Eclipse complements the ongoing transit of Uranus in your sign, encouraging you to break free, do something different, and increase levels of independence. On the whole, Aries is building up to a major liberty lease by Christmas.

Uranus will make a pleasant aspect to Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, on September 8th sparking creativity. What are you inventing? What are you doing that is purely passionate? Allow for a little selfish indulgence at this time. Taking pleasure in your own talents and hobbies may incidentally lead to a stroke of genius. Be yourself and see what comes- it could be the innovative lightbulb you’ve been waiting for. Whatever it is should feel like fun, not work; that’s how you know it’s the right track.

Mercury, the intellectual planet, goes Retrograde or backwards in your partnership house September 17th-October 10th. Collaborating with others may not seem as appealing right now; you are rightfully focused on self-development and any alliances you have formed will undergo a thorough check to determine if they are actually supportive of your innate needs.

In a romantic relationship, this could be a tough period where your partner feels scrutinized for every little thing or, perhaps conversely, that you are being so self-promoting that you have failed to adequately notice to appreciate them. If you are single, this would make it difficult to date or have a clear idea of where a flirtation is going. In business relationships, you will be assessing the balance of responsibilities between the two of you and renegotiating terms of the pairing to be more equitable. Mercury Retrograde allows us to re-strategize; occurring in your partnership sign, you should break free from alliances which hold you back from the bolder independent you are quickly evolving into and instead link up with those who allow you to feel free to simply be. In fact, your best ally at this point in time may be yourself.

Mercury Retrograde in the partnership house makes a challenging aspect to Pluto in the career house on September 24th. Relationships will be measured against their ability to promote your life position. Conversations with lovers or business partners surrounding the balance of your professional goals with personal commitments may come to a head. An important conversation with a boss may come at this time. With this aspect, careful not to engage in verbal power struggles but instead to be direct, truthful, and simply state exactly what you mean. Pluto gains speed on September 25th, so momentum will pick up in your life. Things which seemed to have stalled out between March 15th-April15th now suddenly get revitalized. This should be a good thing overall, but may initiate small breaks in familiar relationships or circumstances in the meantime.

Energy in the sky capitulates with the September 27th Lunar Eclipse in your sign, Aries. This would be a wonderful time to change something significant in your life such as updating your look, beginning/ending a relationship, moving or changing jobs. If you are trying to plan for an important event this month- plan it on or around the eclipse. September is the last big month of change that Aries will have before the powerful December transition ahead, so utilize this month’s energy to the fullest! Never fear change- change is just movement, and where there is movement there is life.

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