Aries: Balancing Act

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Aries becomes aware of areas in life that are currently disproportionate as Mercury, the thinking planet, moves Retrograde through your opposite sign. How can greater balance be achieved? Retrograde cycles invite review and revision of a present direction, so evaluate what devotion of your focus is over-utilized or underutilized. Especially in matters of career and romance, Aries may be consumed with one area at the expense of the other. Mercury helps you think through options for creating a healthier equilibrium. The reshuffling wraps up on October 9th when Mercury concludes its Retrograde cycle. However, the best time for making decisions or implementing plans as a result of what was learned during Mercury Retrograde will be on the October 12th New Moon. New Moons always signal a fresh start, and this moon series occurs over the exact same spot where Mercury Retrograde ran its course. Therefore, Aries has the chance to truly tie things up and smooth it over.

With a clearer perspective, Mercury moves on to bring relationships and career into focus with a strong aspect to Pluto on October 22nd. Strategize about how a partnership could shepherd increased success. Solicit the advice of a friend, lover or subject-matter expert; if you have been waiting to have an important conversation with a superior, this might be the day. On the whole, Aries draws immense power from its professional and social status, and will be making incredibly important career moves just before the New Year. How you position now lays the foundation for what will be possible come holiday season.

Relationships take their turn in the spotlight October 25th when Mercury positions with Uranus across your partnership axis. Unexpected communications between you and a loved one may arise on this day; consider surprising someone you care about with gift, note or phone call. Or, perhaps you will be the recipient of an out-of-the-blue interaction. Avoid the ordinary and do something creative with a partner, it will nurture the “spark” between you two. Conversely, if the relationship is in troubled waters, a left-field encounter may throw you both for a loop and further the creeping need for separation.

By December, Aries will know distinctly how it plans to change and thrive in the New Year. The fall months leading up to holiday season are building blocks for what decision will ultimately be made and the footing for how it will play out. Aries is advised to pay careful consideration to career and relationships, as both of those will inevitably transform in a few short weeks.

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