Aries: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Aries

Independence is the hallmark of Aries’ love style, and that has been especially accentuated since 2011 as Uranus- the freedom planet- surges through your zodiac sign. This year is the final stretch of Uranus’ journey in Aries, making 2017 the last (and possibly most powerful push) to break free from constraining alliances or obligatory circumstances. This year will release Aries from any unfinished business in love, and for many will be the year of break-ups. This is especially true for Aries rising. If Aries is to stay in a relationship, then it must feel that the partnership brings greater liberty to the life; that two can accomplish more than one.

If your Venus is in Aries, then Uranus’ pass may have brought unexpected romances since 2011. You may have suddenly fallen in love; and quite possibly just as suddenly ended the relationship and picked up another. Venus describes what we value and how we attach, so when in the sign of Aries, adventure and passion are key. Aries Venus values above all else: newness. When a romance starts to feel too familiar or that you have ‘conquered’ the partner, you may begin to look for a new conquest. They key to keeping Aries Venus in love is to constantly renew the chase.

Developments in love may have emerged as soon as October 2016 when Jupiter- planet of growth, movement and enhancement- started its journey through your relationship house making you more interested in finding the right partner. If a current relationship is successful, Aries might be getting married or taking the relationship to the next level between October 2016-November 2017. In an ineffective pairing, the separation process will heat up during springtime of this year and possibly terminate by mid-summer. For the single Aries, opportunities for meeting a special someone are enhanced from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017.

All Aries might begin feeling romantic stirrings during February when Venus and Mars pass through your sign. If you are single or in a successful romance, then February is likely a time for meeting prospective admirers or for making special plans with a loved one. In fact, if your Venus is in Aries then this is a common transit for the beginning of a new love. For bonds on the rocks, March and April will bring the missing elements of love into discussion and possibly even the discussion of dividing money/joint property since Venus also rules your financial house. Beware of returning exes March 4th-April 15th when Venus takes its Retrograde or review cycle; should a former flame attempt to re-enter the picture, you’ll have to use good judgment in determining if it is a genuine second chance at love or simply temptation.

In all love cases, February-June brings a period where you may have second thoughts or adjust romantic intentions. Pay extra attention around the March 27th New Moon. This begins a cycle within your romantic life which will peak in October. This year, Aries desires to confirm a relationship decision (either in or out) because next year Aries will be turning its focus to money-making, material investments and career advancement.

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