Aries: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Aries

For this pioneering zodiac sign, business endeavors will remain a significant focus in 2016 as it was last year. However, by the Fall season, Aries and Aries rising will focus on personal matters and be ready to take significant steps in romance.

The New Year kicks off with a kick in the pants as Mercury- planet of commerce and communication- goes Retrograde or backwards in the career house. This suggests you need to wrap up loose ends from business deals or professional contacts made in 2015. Did you start something that didn’t finish, or perhaps is still in process but requires extra follow-through? January 5-25th is the time to pick up where you left off. Rather than attempting to score new deals, finalize what’s already on your plate or even get rid of projects that no longer show their potential. Focus on completion or endings, rather than beginnings. On an interpersonal level, be watchful of potential miscommunications with superiors or industry authorities regarding your reshuffling strategy.

The January 9th New Moon is a good time to set professional goals into motion. In the big picture, Aries and Aries rising may also be re-thinking its long range career ambitions. For some, a job or industry change may be imminent (if it hasn’t happened already in last year). If you have been waiting to launch a business or take a big career risk, you’ll want to do it within the next two years before Uranus- the innovator planet- exits your zodiac sign in 2018.

Anticipate lots of changes in the work environment during August and September. This will be the final push during the year in which you focus on professional objectives before turning your attention over to romance, where your heart will remain through next fall.

The springtime Lunar Eclipse in your partnership hints at love decisions that are later to come. See what your relationship status is around March 23rd, and then imagine where you’d like it to go in the future. Jupiter- planet of growth and luck- positions you for romance starting this September, so the second half of the year will be a better time to tend to matters of the heart. Jupiter’s romantic window extends this September until October 2017, so there’s plenty of time to find a sweetheart, get married, or expand an existing relationship.

However, you may become interested in romance or be making small relationship decisions as soon as April when Venus, the love planet, dances through your zodiac sign. Center your love goals for this year at the April 7th New Moon; most importantly, how you intend to achieve strong business objectives while cultivating the emotional support of someone special. Then, check in at the October 16th Full Moon to see how far you’ve grown in those areas.

Love and work both find their place in 2016. Difference than last year, Aries and Aries rising moves from the creative experimentation phase into practical solidification. This helps ground the zodiac’s natural adventurer…at least for a while!

Art by Kelley Devine.

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