Aquarius: Love Quest

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Romance remains the focus for Aquarius this month as Venus, planet of love, meets up with fortuitous Jupiter in the relationship house. Beginning June 6th, Venus assess the value of her intimate connections and seeks to determine if she is really being challenged to learn and grow through partners. In her knowledge quest, she may even travel with or to visit lovers in order to see the relationship in a new light. From a metaphoric perspective, Venus’ journey this month may be more about what she is in love with- a project, cause, hobby or personal value- rather than a person. In which case she may seek to learn more about it, or hit the road in order to go do it. Whether literally or metaphorically, Venus is going on a journey this month in search of love.

Passion permeates the horoscope as Mars activates the house of creativity in your solar chart. Through June 25th is an ideal time to let yourself play- a masterpiece may appear out of what started only as fun! If you work in a creative industry, this should be a particularly enlivening month on the job. For all those who are hobbyists, plan on dedicating extra time and money to your craft of choice. If you have been in a creative lull, inspiration will be back on its feet with the June 11th ending of Mercury Retrograde and in high gear by the June 16th New Moon.

From a romantic point of view, planetary activity in the house of creativity can signal an added desire for personal expression whereby ramping up sex drive. If you already have someone to enjoy that outlet with, plan a fun night out or- better yet- romantic getaway to create a dazzling memory for you both. You may find particular pleasure in planning out all the little details of the rendezvous, such as a card or flowers to top things off. If you are solo, this is a superb month for socializing as prospects for a romantic encounter likely rise.

In the event you discover your romantic advances are not well received or not well reciprocated, this may be a telling sign about where the relationship is headed.

All energies of the month capitulate around June 31st when Venus meets Jupiter in the sky. Plan on sharing what you love with others, showing off the craft or project you’ve been working on, or making a special evening with partners. Exactly one month from this Venus-Jupiter date will be a Full Moon in your sign, Aquarius, and you’ll be able to see more fully where love is leading you.

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