Aquarius: Love On Trial

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Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Love remains on trial for Aquarius, as it has been for several months. If you are presently in a relationship, then boundaries are being tested- How real is this romance? If you are unattached, then assessing the qualities of a desired partnership is where the homework is happening and you might be mingling in the dating field but not quite ready to choose a partner. In all cases, love is being evaluated and the ultimate outcome has yet to be determined.

The month begins on a hopeful note when romantic Venus and inspirational Jupiter unite on July 1st. This should be a moment of enthusiastic affection towards lovers and loved ones, which serves a reminder of the true ideal of love on a deeper level. Isolate the Venus/Jupiter moment in your mind and recognize it as the standards against which relationships might be measured; the desire to share an unbridled, generous outpouring of love is how you should feel when properly matched with another. If affections are starting to feel duty-based or like a formality, then your heart is no longer aligned with its highest calling or may feel uninspired by the present partnership. The decision of how long you are willing to go unfulfilled is really the only question which then remains. As the old saying goes, “If it isn’t a ‘heck yes!’, then it is necessarily a ‘heck no’.”

With regard to creative projects, the Venus/Jupiter union on July 1st makes a wonderful time for furthering plans. If something suddenly strikes your fancy, go with it! In fact, this is an ideal opportunity to spend money on services, products or tools which may further creative aspirations. If you have been waiting for a good time to debut or share your project, schedule it around July 1st or for the July 31st Full Moon.

Love takes a more serious turn on July 14th when romantic Venus makes a tension aspect with practical Saturn. Is your existing relationship bringing value to your life, are you really getting a return on your investment? If you are single, are relationship expectations practical and has the approach to dating been effective? Answers for both scenarios should be revealed around the July 31st Full Moon in your sign, Aquarius. The first Venus aspect earlier in the month was about feeling, passion and joy; a subjective, sentimental response to love. This second Venus aspect will be about logic, practicality and usefulness; a worldly evaluation of love.

With creative projects, the July 14th Venus/Saturn aspect should bring added responsibility to your efforts. Expect to be constructively busy. If you have a long task list to complete or business decisions to make, especially financial, this is an excellent time to do the gritty work.

For those with an Aquarius rising sign, relationships make a forward then backward step this month. July 1st-8th, Mercury continues buzzing in your house of socializing and romance where she has been since last month. There may be a peak in mixing and mingling around July 1st when Venus and Jupiter link up in your relationship house. Energy has been building towards romantic outcomes. July 24th through the end of the month, Mercury will hover in the relationship house keeping your thoughts on partnership. However, forward momentum in romance reaches a creeping halt as of July 25th when Venus- planet of love- begins her Retrograde cycle. Suddenly it may feel as if an existing relationship has lost steam or you may be called to rework any joint commitments you two have made; in the dating world, your phone may simply stop ringing as if all prospects have vanished, or a former flame may reappear causing you to take a second look at buried feelings. The limbo of Venus Retrograde will continue through September, so do not expect final relationship moves to made until two months from now. Meanwhile, things at the office will be busy as Mars- the doer planet- spends all of July in your house of service. Careful not to overwork at the expense of health; stress at this time could potentially lead to quarrels with colleagues. The July 15th New Moon would be an excellent time to strategize with coworkers or begin a new project.

All Aquarius energy lives in the evaluation stage during July, especially linked to romance. Small revelations will lead to bigger conclusions by August, but do not pressure yourself now to make absolute decisions. Sit with your feelings; wait and see. Shifting focus to creative personal projects might actually redirect the giving of your heart and naturally help other pieces shake out how they ought to.


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