Aquarius: Gold Star

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Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Since 2012, Aquarius worked to answer the question “Have I done enough?” Saturn, the cosmic judge, was assessing your accomplishments- especially in arenas of public prominence such as career or marriage. Taking on more responsibility and establishing roots or reputation may have been an important part of the Saturn journey over the past three years. As of August 2nd, Saturn finally releases its influence on your sign and Aquarius receives a proverbial gold star from the Universe.

Last month capped off with a Full Moon in your sign Aquarius, signaling the arrival of a personal milestone, and entering into August with a sense of having made it. What circumstances reached capitulation around July 31st-August 2nd? Outcomes of such events describe the results of the emotional homework started in 2012 and which gained the momentum last year.

It is in the sphere of relationships that Aquarius has been doing the most homework as Jupiter- planet of growth- positioned across from your sign in 2014. Whether a romantic relationship or balancing the relationship between opposing elements in your life, Aquarius has aimed to take on more size. You were urged to grow in one arena so that another arena might receive greater fullness. For example, you may have moved in order to take on a better job, bought a bigger home in order to prepare for marriage or children, or completed an advanced degree in order to earn more money. These are all ways in which the element of counterbalance is required to reflect enhancement in the primary targeted arena. On August 11th, Jupiter passes on from its aspect to your sign and, just like with Saturn’s release, the Universe bestows another gold star upon Aquarius.

Throughout August, Venus Retrograde and Mars tie up loose ends from the homework period, and make constructive steps forward in arenas Jupiter helped you expand since 2014. Venus Retrograde conjoins Jupiter on August 4th-5th suggesting love or money may get revitalized. Efforts, especially risks, surrounding these priorities now pay off. Venus Retrograde links up with a New Moon on August 14th adding greater fullness to those priorities, with particular emphasis on new or emerging romantic opportunities. If you are single, you may meet someone of interest at this time so it is a good idea to go out socializing or spend time with people you enjoy who may be able to introduce you to a quality partner. If you are in an existing relationship, this creates an ideal environment for deepening bonds or planning memorable events. Love and good fortune fill the air!

The month of August turns a page in your cosmic calendar, a next cycle in life begins. Aquarius enters the settling in and sorting out phase; the whirlwind of exciting change resulting from Saturn and Jupiter has passed, and the practical aspects of having an efficient everyday life become relevant. The Moon is in your sign, Aquarius, from August 27th-28th so this is a good time for reflecting on what has been accomplished as a result of recent change, and what arenas may now merit greater attention…particularly in matters of the heart.

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