Aquarius: Going Somewhere?

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May 2015 Aquarius horoscope

Aquarius received a life upgrade last month when Jupiter pushed forward on April 8th. For many, this may have brought news about relationships. Change is likely, and probably for the better. Heading into this month, Mars follows up on Jupiter’s change-making moves and so there’s lots of activity in your personal matters as things now readjust. With Jupiter and Mars as co-horts in action, travel or a move might be involved. Either way, somebody is going somewhere.

How are things on the home front? If you or a loved one is planning to relocate, May 1st-11th may be particularly lively with discussions related to the transition, handling logistics or pursuing the move. If you are rooted, then this may indicate lots of activity amongst family members or within your existing space (ie: decorating or renovations). Within that timeframe, the May 3rd Full Moon signals an incremental peak in the transition especially as it relates to career or public image.

You begin to feel more at ease with the changes in your immediate surroundings by the May 18th New Moon. However, when Mercury Retrograde sets in beginning on that same day, you may go through a period of revising the projects and decisions you thought were just wrapped up. This phase extends through June 11th and should be embraced as a second chance to make sure the finishing touch is on plans. Any ‘lose ends’ from a former residence or relationship should be resolved so you can press on cleanly. By next month, your outlook on love is possibly the best it will be all year as domestic and professional shifts have settled.

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