Aquarius- April 2015: Fill The Heart

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Opportunities for expanding horizons are on your doorstep this month Aquarius. Jupiter, the expander planet, moves into favorable aspect with your sign making the next few months a stream of serendipitous strides for Aquarius and its fellow fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Especially when it comes to relationships and social contacts, you are blessed with opportune moments for connecting to the right people. Aquarius’ April horoscope is all about sending you off on the right foot.

Four planets directly energize your sign this month through a series of exciting aspects. Mars, Venus and Mercury compliment Jupiter’s motion to advance your life position. In terms of career, April will be very busy. You are thrust into the spotlight as projects which had stalled at the end of last year suddenly find new juice. Hopefully you have spent the winter and early springtime getting prepared for what it is you intend to accomplish. A new more ambitious position, starting a company or independent project, asking for a raise? Aquarius is now able to achieve almost any goal. The only warning for Aquarius to not overstep the reach of your true qualifications, or take on too many new responsibilities without ample preparation. Be bold, not foolish.

On the romantic front, conversations about taking a relationship to the next level may arise. Jupiter seeks to increase whatever she touches, and this might include growing your romance. Should a relationship unexpectedly end when Jupiter moves in on April 8th, do not worry- your true partner is around the corner. Jupiter transits are usually very beneficial, so one relationship may end such that the right relationship may begin. If you are dating, then now may be the time when prospective partners make themselves known. Very likely there will be more than one suitor as Jupiter transits are known for abundance. While the potential influx of admiration sounds flattering, careful not to cross lines or hurt the feelings of others in playing the field.

If you are Aquarius rising, then advances in all the major pillars of your life are soon ahead: home, career, identity and partnership. An April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your house of personal expansion means a great time for getting away in order to discover something new. Later, with the April 18th New Moon, similar themes are repeated. These would be apt times to plan a trip or begin a learning course of some kind. Also, if you have any current legal entanglements they should clear up this month. On April 8th, Jupiter starts moving into an incredibly favorable position with your sign Aquarius where she’ll remain through August. While the Jupiter transit is a powerful pacesetter for your major life pillars (home, career, identity and partnership), this transit draws particular attention to your partnership house. Plan on getting married? A substantial romance may arise between now and August. Even if you don’t tie the knot, expect a life-altering love to enter the picture this year. For those already committed, the Jupiter transit entails a memorable, biographical shift in your relationship. April 17th-18th focuses on private and family matters, and gets you thinking about what kind of home setting you want to welcome your love into. Have you thought about moving, purchasing real estate or upgrading the décor ambiance? Now would be a good time to prepare the nest.

All Aquarian energy gets a boost this month as Jupiter, the great benefic, makes her presence known. Now through summer, Jupiter will noticeably adjust the four major pillars of your life: home, career, identity and partnership. Beginning in April, romances and future plans which you worried has lost steam since December 2014 are now back on a mission to fulfill their course. April 12th and 13th are power days as the Moon is in your sign, and April 25th and 26th are also very strong days as the Moon is in your partner sign providing a natural equilibrium to your astrological energy. With so much to look forward to throughout April, keep your plans ambitious and your heart in tune with what really matters to your fulfillment. It now becomes yours.


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