Aquarius: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Aquarius goes global this year when Jupiter- planet of growth, travel and knowledge- enters the international house in Fall 2016. All of this is part of Aquarius and Aquarius rising’s plan to enhance their financial position and material assets. In the meantime, Aquarius will refine its social networks and utilize a carefully curated rolodex to create strategic partnerships. Friends become business allies, or at least proponents of your future plans. Momentum developed now will result in a career pinnacle from Fall 2017-Fall 2018. Let the empire-building commence!

February is Aquarius’ power month since Venus and a lunar cycle enhance your zodiac sign- do your most important planning and biggest risk taking then. The February 8th New Moon begins a new life cycle that will carry through the next seven months; set ambitious intentions at the New Moon. You will be able to see by August the results of your plan.

Venus backs-up your New Moon intentions when it brings attention and favor to your zodiac sign shortly thereafter. Venus rules glamour, love and luxury so you may be able to attract one or all three of these desirables February 16th-March 11th. Especially if you work in the creative, beauty or financial industries, this should be a positive time in business. If you are looking for love, it is quite possible a new romance may begin under the Venus influence. For those in an established relationship, this should be a pleasant time when you are able to deepen the romantic bond. If you have been wanting to make a luxury purchase that would enhance your appearance or social status, do so now.

Friends and groups you hang out with get a second look from March through August, with April-June being the most likely time for changing alliances. In the bigger picture, Aquarius is reconsidering: Who can help me achieve what I want in life? Those that don’t align with your values and vision may get cut. And probably all for the better.

March tips off the financial and international houses, suggesting the two may be linked. This is the first point during the year when Aquarius and Aquarius rising begins examining how best to use education, media or travel to pad your pockets. But in reality, events during this March may actually echo plans or experiences which originated from last March-April 2015. Think back carefully and the stepping stones are revealed. By literally expanding across borders- or at least expanding the borders of the mind- Aquarius initiates endeavors which become more solid by Fall.

The proverbial ‘tipping point’ occurs at the August 18th Lunar Eclipse when serendipitous events start falling into place which help see Aquarius’ dreams into reality. Think back to February: how have those hopes developed up to this point?

As of September, lucky Jupiter officially moves into the international house where it will remain until October 2017. Between now and then, Aquarius is able to take its business global (remember that in today’s world the internet can make you global overnight), achieve an advanced degree or technical certification, travel, teach or succeed in media outlets. Jupiter ushers an expansion of the mind and body. For those working in law or involved in legal proceedings, this should be a very advantageous period. How you learn during this Jupiter transit will result in a career highpoint in two years.

Fall keeps Aquarius forging ahead at full steam when Mars enters your zodiac sign November 8th-December 18th. It will be an extremely busy holiday season, which you can make fruitful if socializing is used as an opportunity to make strategic connections. You will be quite popular at this time, but it’s not all work and no play. Venus joins the holiday conversation from December 7th– January 2017 bringing glamour and potentially romance back into focus. It should be an exciting conclusion to the year for Aquarius and Aquarius rising, with business and relationships being on point.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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