Kelley Devine- Taurus

Taurus: Lovescope 2017

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Taurus adores quality and style, expecting both in romance. For Taurus, something which endures over time is more important than something which begins with a flame but ends in a fizzle. Longevity and reliability are keys to Taurus in love. 2012-2015 was a time for making significant decisions in romance as Saturn, the cosmic judge, […]

Kelley Devine- Aries

Aries: Lovescope 2017

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Independence is the hallmark of Aries’ love style, and that has been especially accentuated since 2011 as Uranus- the freedom planet- surges through your zodiac sign. This year is the final stretch of Uranus’ journey in Aries, making 2017 the last (and possibly most powerful push) to break free from constraining alliances or obligatory circumstances. […]