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Gemini: Double Trouble with Mercury Retrograde

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May 2015 Gemini horoscope Gemini experiences the infamous Mercury Retrograde cycle this month. Retrograde means that a planet appears to temporarily move backwards in the sky, and with that its normal energy output turns in on itself. Almost all the planets, in fact, have a Retrograde period at some point during the year. Mercury’s reverse […]

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Taurus: How Deep Is Your Love?

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May 2015 Taurus horoscope How solid is your relationship? Intimate connections come into focus with the May 3rd Full Moon in your partner sign. For those romantically involved, a signal from lovers allows clear perspective on the depth of your relationship. For those unattached, a moment of capitulation with a best friend or business partner […]

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Aries: Thrill of the Unknown

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May 2015 Aries horoscope Pleasant surprises fill Aries’ calendar as Venus, the magnetizer planet, draws in emotional resources for astrology’s famous instigator. Aries is the child of the zodiac, the unadulterated mind which sees every pioneering effort as possible. As such, Aries needs time to play, experiment and be creative- to see things through ‘first […]